Degree: Master of Science School: PolyU,HK
Major: Automotive Engineering Design WeChat: MC317601060
E-mail: Tel: +852 92047291
Other Info: Working and living in SHENZHEN with HKPR
WeBank Technical Expert(level 3B promotion from 3A) 2021.11 - Now
  Operation and maintenance of the KYC(facial recognition system); Alarm convergence; Write standard operation and maintenance documentation(SOP) and utilizing LLM to implement FAQ; Proposing architecture optimization solutions based on actual operating conditions.
China Mobile HK Engineer Ⅰ 2020.08 - 2021.10
  Flask Backend API Development, k8s Cluster Design Deployment O&M, CI/CD.
China Mobile HK Engineer Ⅱ 2017.08 - 2020.08
  O&M Automation(using Shell Script, Python, Web RPA(selenium)).
China Mobile HK GT(Graduate Trainee) 2016.08 - 2017.08
  Training about FDD-LTE & IP network architecture,departmental rotation and project management.

KYC System O&M(WeBank)

  KYC, authentication system used by virtual banks when customer open accounts to verify their identities. The system is also a SAAS deployed on the Tencent Cloud. System can handle 15,000,000 transactions with 300 TPS per day.

  1. System O&M and canary deployment, ensure 99.999% or above availability   2. Prepare automation deployment scripts, including deploy on VM & Docker   3. Summarize standard O&M methodologies, as well as emergency response plans, and systematically achieve automation and fault self-healing capabilities. System capacity modeling   4. Service Requirement analysis and architecture design, identify single-point-of-failure risks in the system, and propose optimization solutions, such as component fallback and service degradation

Automated O&M System Development(WeBank)

  The system is mainly used for life-cycle management of system instances (resource application, firewall, deployment, O&M, service decommissioning, resource destruction), as well as alarm convergence and automatic fault recovery. The system can automatically handle more than 70% of fault scenarios.

  1. Requirement Management, System Design & Development and lead the team(1 front-end developer & 1 back-end developer)   2. Communicate with other team and prepare serverless scripts of all the systems of the department   3. Coupling and predicting transaction trends of interfaces using LSTM and alerting to avoid invalid alarm caused by fixed thresholds   4. Setting labels for alarms, business interfaces, and systems, combined with CMDB host information, using LLM to locate possible root causes based on label similarity when alerts occur   5. Call serverless O&M API according to fault scenarios to perform corresponding standard SOP operations, achieving automated fault handling

DevOps & K8S(CMHK)

  Design and deploy a cross-site high-availability Kubernetes cluster, utilizing CICD software to achieve fast and highly available deployment of business applications.

  1. Deploy a highly available Kubernetes cluster using kubeadm (3 control nodes & 14 worker nodes).   2. Deploy Prometheus to collect performance metrics of the K8S cluster and use Grafana for visualization.   3. K8S handle faults, allocate permissions, and perform cluster upgrade and maintenance operation


- Team-oriented personality & Able to work under pressure & Lifelong learner - CCNA R&S,PMP Project Management,K8S (CKA,CKAD) - Python Web Develop(FLASK) - Linux,NGINX,Redis,TDSQL,HABSE,HDFS,ZOOKEEPER,HIVE,Object Storage